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Why do I need search engine optimisation (SEO) on my website?


If you’re selling your products or services online, it’s important that your website appears as high up as possible in search engine results. At Cleverfrog Website Design Reading we offer Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services  to help ensure that your website will achieve a higher ranking on google and other search engines, ensuring that users visit your website and not your competitors.


But why is SEO so important?

If you aren’t ranking well then you can probably guarantee that you aren’t getting any natural search engine organic traffic to your website, but instead getting only traffic through direct clicks (such as from an email signature) or from referral sites such as Facebook. Which means that this search traffic is going to your competitor sites, who are above you in the search engine ranks. The plain simple truth of it is that most businesses now employ SEO agencies to get them listing higher on Google. 

I’m ranking on page 3 of google, that’s good isn’t it?

We hate to burst your bubble, but unfortunately this probably isn’t going to get you any traffic to your website. A staggering 75% of searchers only check the first 5 results on page 1 of Google. There will still be a number of searchers that will look beyond this, but most of them wont get any further than the first page ie first 10 listings on page 1 of their google search. 

Do you really need to pay for an SEO provider?

Yes and no! There are things that a business can do themselves to help their search engine optimisation without employing an SEO agency. Adding new, relevant content to your website periodically will help. Think about adding a blog if that suits your business. Set up social media channels and link back to your website with posts about new products and services, or that new blog. These are all things that you may be able to do to help yourself. 

Beyond that an SEO agency will work very hard on your behalf to take care of the technical side of SEO. At Cleverfrog SEO agency in Reading we will do a website audit to check on initial rankings, look at your backlinks, look at your site speed, look at the size of your images, and run the website through software to identify SEO improvements that need to be made. We would also identify search terms that have the highest search volume for your business. For example, “website designer in Reading” might get 50 searches a month whereas “web design Reading” might get 500. Competitor research comes into the search terms and volume also, it’s worth noting what terms your higher ranking competitors are themselves targeting!

We will then make recommendations for tweaking your current content, or help you write new content. We would remove any spammy backlinks that would be affecting your SEO performance and start to build new backlinks – from high quality websites only! We can also design specific local SEO landing pages should you wish. 

We work closely with our clients on Reading SEO projects so your ideas are taken on board and incorporated. If you’re starting to look at search engine optimisation, we can provide you with a detailed SEO Audit Report so you can discover what’s preventing you from getting the rankings you need. 

When is the best time to get an SEO agency?

If you have a beautiful new website, this is absolutely the best time to get it fully optimised for the search engines, and hopefully get you ranked on the first page of google for the largest search volume. While you are looking at refreshing your content your website designer can help optimise that content, as well as doing lots of things on the backend of your website to help propel your search position when you go live with your new website.